2021 Angel Babies Walk/Run

Our family on Brandon's due date 2/29/2020
Our family on Brandon's due date 2/29/2020

Team Brandon Xiong

Welcome to Team Brandon Xiong. We are seeking donations for an important cause. We’re supporting Angel Babies, and we hope you will join us in whatever way you can. Angel Babies is a vital resource for families who have lost a baby, or have a baby with a life-limiting illness.

People are not taught how to deal with the death of a baby. Our friends and family often don't know what to say. Most people expect the parents, especially the father, to return to work within a few days after the loss and be "back to normal" within a matter of months. But the death of a baby changes parents forever, and results in a uniquely deep and personal grieving process. The Angel Babies/Bebitos Angelitos bereavement service at Hinds Hospice provides families with helpful information and support during their journey of grief and mourning.

Please help us support this important community service. This program is only available at Hinds Hospice and depends on community funding.

Our Story: I immediately called Angel Babies within a couple of hours of delivering Brandon on October 23, 2019. Diasha came to the hospital the same day with comforting words and beautiful gifts for Brandon (Teddy Bear, large fabric envelope, wrap, blanket ...). She provided us with information for a funeral home to contact as we were not even prepared to make calls to different locations (the hospital wants to know what your plans are in just a few hours). The Teddy Bear was something we could hold so we wouldn't leave with empty arms. I held on to Brandon's bear every day for a couple of months. He did not leave my arms and went everywhere with me. He has slept in our bed every night since then. We enjoy using Brandon's bear in memory of Brandon in our famly photos.

We joined the support group in 2020 and were enjoying it until COVID turned everything virutal. No one was ready for virtual so we ended up waiting until the next group. We had also been meeting with a grief counselor, Amy, in the program and just ended our last session in January 2021. We can still contact the program at any time if we feel the need to talk with our counselor or any one that is available. 

There were many memorial events and grief workshops that we were able to attend in 2019. We've met so many wonderful people and plan to continue to support Angel Babies as they continue to be a huge support to us. 

Thank you and please join us on May 1st for a walk in memory of Brandon and all babies who were not able to take their first steps. 

Love Jennifer, Leevon, Brandon, and doggy siblings Remy and Leia. 

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